Michèle fox

Lovely vouchers are available to give your friends and loved ones a treat; but also to inspire them to give YOU the treat.

These invitations to serenity are a most appreciated and original gift.

The vouchers are personalised with the value or the treatment(s) you choose. (see “rates” section)

How to purchase them?

Last minute

In case of last minute request, I can email a virtual voucher either to your or directly to the person you offer it to.

For companies

Gift vouchers are a perfect tool to fight stress at work and its consequences on health and absenteeism; they boost motivation and performance.

Chair massage on the premises is a very good thing but I believe it important to also promote a time “for oneself” in a “cocoon” outside work.

The company can offer the full amount of a session, or part of it (the employee pays the difference)

"Anyone who does not believe in miracles is not a realist" (David Ben-Gurion)