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Foot massage techniques are traced back in the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Indian and Amerindian’s civilisations.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr W.Fitzgerald initiated the reflexology as we know it nowadays: he developed the theory of “zones” dividing the body in longitudinal and horizontal zones, which are also found on both feet (organs on the right side of the body are on the right foot).
The feet are the mirror of our organs, glands and metabolism. Stimulating reflex areas on the feet by applying thumb pressure, has an impact on the major systems of the body through nervous endings and meridians.

A reflexologist can’t diagnose but rather detect weak areas. Treatment never replaces allopathy when necessary; it helps releasing toxin deposits, stimulates homeostasy of the body (natural return to balance or self healing process), and boosts the energy flow. It is a complementary therapy seeing the individual as a whole.

Reflexology if received regularly is beneficial for preventing or fighting the negative effects of stress, among others:

45 minute-treatment (excluding time for questions and preparation):
45 euros
A personalised essential oil is selected before treatment
Can be combined with 30 or 60 minute-body massage (see “rates” section)


"Anyone who does not believe in miracles is not a realist" (David Ben-Gurion)